I am Tim Marchant, married with 2 children.


Marchant Media was born from a love of video editing, and the passion to create the perfect memory of one of the biggest days in a person’s life.


I have been editing and producing videos for a few years, initially for Tesco head office in Dundee, including training videos, reviews of the year and filming their annual awards night. I enjoyed doing this more and more and it was a catalyst for me to start filming weddings, especially after hearing people saying they were looking for videographers for their weddings. 


Now I have several under my belt of friends and colleagues weddings, the next logical step was to venture out to the wider audience and to create this website.


My aim is to create a lasting memory, for you to treasure forever, for you to share and reminisce with loved ones, friends and family. 


One of my clients told me that they knew I had done a great job, when their mum had a tear in her eye watching their video, I want these films to allow you to re-live your day whenever you like, a month, a year or a decade later and those emotions still being brought to the surface by your movie.


My promise to all my clients has been that I will work hard, and do the best possible job I can. Anything you want in the video will be done, if technically possible.


(And I promise I won’t wear this shirt!)

Tim has worked on several projects and he has produced some great pieces of work which have absolutely hit the mark – Thanks Tim


Susan M (Dundee)